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Introducing TDI Racing’s Alex Symon

Alex Symon is a new face on the Ducati TriOptions 848 Challenge grid for 2013 and is looking forward to making his debut at Brands Hatch in April (5/6/7).

Symon now talk about his aspirations for the season ahead, with an exclusive Q&A for the Ducati TriOptions 848 Challenge official website.

What are your aspirations for 2013 and also your greatest challenge?
The greatest challenge is also my first aspiration - to get used to riding a Ducati 848!  I haven't ridden anything remotely similar to a four stroke twin before (I don't think a v-twin GP250 shares many similarities, although I am keeping an open mind)! Once, if used to the Ducati my next aspiration is to ride it to my limits and enjoy the experience - the bike, new team and BSB paddock.  I'm not going to make any predictions as to where I'd like to be running, however I'm aiming to match my lap times from 2002 by the end of the season (for example 48.7s Brands Indy riding a 135hp Superstock spec Yamaha R1).

What has been your career highlight to date?
Prior to 2012 without doubt my first season racing a four stroke in 2002; winning the BMCRC Powerbike championship was more than I'd ever dreamt of. To also win the BMCRC Clubman1300 Championship and then the Lord of Lydden title was surreal.  Riding around Brands hatch for a lap of honour after winning the Powerbike championship, in front of fans and marshals waving flags, was a memory that I will never forget. 

2012 however marked a special occasion.  My pride and joy road bike (1985 Suzuki RG500) purchased back in 1997 became a track project in 2009.  Three years of hard work it finally completed its debut race meeting in July 2012 at Brands GP.  To ride the bike that I learned so much from on the road in the late 90s on track was fantastic.  To get pole position, three race wins and a fastest lap that wouldn't be put to shame on a Powerbike grid was absolutely mega. 

Why have you chosen to race in the Ducati TriOptions 848 Challenge in 2013?
A new challenge; one that if I don't try now - I never will.  I've wanted to try my hand at a BSB support class for a long time but due to other commitments unfortunately the situation didn't arise.  Now is the time however and the Ducati TriOptions 848 Challenge is perfect I believe for my experience and to progress from a clubman racing licence.

What has been your previous experience of Ducatis?
Purely watching them race; I hadn't sat on a Ducati before purchasing the 848 at the end of 2012! 

How are you currently preparing for the start of the season?
The bike is still being prepared, but it is not far now.  Physically I have increased both cardio and resistance training.  Recently I have started Karate which, along with long boarding to work, I am confident will help with coordination and balance.  Psychologically I am going to start preparing over the next month.

With the new Ducati dealer league for 2013, are you supported by a Ducati dealer, if so which one?
I'm not affiliated to a Ducati dealer currently, but if there are any dealers in Sussex or surrounding areas that would like to support an enthusiastic team please get in touch……